Fran Tunno Voice Actress

About Fran

Fran is an audiobook narrator, voice actress, award-winning blogger, copywriter, avid baker, cook, and Corgi wrangler.

Originally from western Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh, she has managed to banish yinz from her vocabulary, but not from her heart, and goes back to Pittsburgh as often as possible. She grew up with an Italian mom whose faith in her was boundless, and who encouraged her to read out loud from the time she was five. This activated the ham gene, which has served her well over the years.

If her name sounds familiar, it’s because she was a news and traffic reporter on morning radio in Los Angeles for 12 years. She has also worked as a TV News writer/producer, copywriter, freelance writer, and even managed a plastic surgeon’s office (where she had to help break someone’s nose once) and learned to toss around words like blepharoplasty and epinephrine.

Fran has been the voice of thousands of radio commercials, dozens of TV commercials, and recorded more than 15 audiobooks, along with marketing and training videos and messages on hold.

She credits her unwavering work ethic to her immigrant parents, who always told her she could be anything she wanted to, if she worked hard enough.

She’s written a memoir. It’s about growing up Italian American and trying to fit in, before being Italian was as cool as it is now. The book is filled with hysterical anecdotes you have to read to believe, and reveals the true power of love, a properly brandished kitchen spoon, and force-feeding.

The book inspired her to start a blog,, filled with stories about growing up with her mom, her family, and, of course, food. Fran was proud to be selected one of the Voices of the Year at BlogHer 2015 for her story, “I Was 21 Before my Father Said I Love You.”

When she’s not recording or writing, she can be found, trying to get people to come over and eat, or being dragged by her Corgi, who has mysteriously inherited the super powers of someone with much longer legs.



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