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Bloggers I Love

Although I rarely have the time to sit for a leisurely read, there are a few bloggers I do make time for because they either make me laugh, make me think, or do both.  Here are some of my favorite bloggers/writers and links to their websites:

The Bloggess – also known as Jenny Lawson. She is the reason I started blogging and is one of the funniest people I have ever read. She is totally irreverent and I love her.

David Lebovitz – this guy makes everyone else, pale in comparison. Yet, I still love him because he seems down to earth, even though he was a pastry chef for Alice Waters Berkeley restaurant, Chez Panisse. His recipes are fabulous!

Frank Bruni – Op Ed Columnist for the New York Times. This guy is just a great writer. I will read pretty much anything he writes.

Bill Plaschke – I am not a huge sports fan, but this man writes about sports and I will read anything he writes.  He is that good. He brings heart to every story he writes.

Must be This Tall to Ride – is Matt’s blog. (No last name.) He’s  former newspaper guy, who’s 36, divorced, has one kid and lives in Ohio. He’s so open and disarming, you can’t help but love him.

Two Cannoli - a blog written by Kristen Vanderhey Shaw. She is a wonderful writer and her stories about her life, her loves and how she got through it are fantastic.

The Humor Columnist – This is not a blog, but a website that’s an archive of Joe Donatelli’s stories. He’s very funny and posted a link to my blog about my mom weeding out prospective suitors on his website once, so I love him too – he just doesn’t know it.

Baddest Mother Ever – When I first read the title of this blog, I thought, OK, another mommy blog, but I was wrong. Ashley, who writes this column is real and funny and her stories always hit home for me.

The Pioneer Woman – I am usually not a fan of websites that make everything look so perfect you believe the writer must live in Disneyland, but this woman photographs the things she cooks so meticulously and beautifully that I am in awe.  Plus, her recipes are always good and she’s ridiculously successful, so she clearly knows what she’s doing. You gotta respect that. – This blog is written by one of my college roommates and a wonderful artist, whose work is in the Marker Hotel in Key West, as well as the Key West Airport, in custom built yachts, the Interlaken Inn, in Lake Placid, NY and my living room!

Nicky D Cooks – Nicky is a woman I met through blogging and is an absolute goddess from Pittsburgh. We bonded over our Italian-ness and she has some great recipes for good, hearty Italian peasant cooking. She is one of the nicest people ever!

 Forcsed Bloom – This is my friend, Linda’s blog. She is the person who cared enough to force me to start writing my own blog.  She is wise, very talented, a beautiful writer and a friend through thick and thin.

New York Style and a Little Cannoli – This is a blog written by Rosemary, a sweetheart, who writes about what’s happening in NYC.  I love New York and even though I don’t get there often enough, I love reading about all the cool things happening there.