Fran Tunno Voice Actress


Here’s what I know after writing radio commercials for more than 13 years.

  • Clients want a an excellent return on their investment.
  • Radio stations want happy, loyal clients.
  • Listeners say they don’t really want to hear commercials, so they better be interesting, entertaining, or both.

I make it my job to craft a commercial that will get you the direct response you want. I listen to you and ask questions first, then I write. I use those precious 60 or 30 seconds to plant an idea in a listener’s head and more importantly, in his/her heart.

When a commercial is good, people listen, even when they didn’t think they wanted to because they’re entertained, enlightened, or touched. I often use true stories from my own life – which has been funnier, scarier and sometimes more touching than anything I could have imagined.

singing into ice cream scoop

Ice Cream Scoop Singers

I actually did sing into the ice cream scoop to escape – the scenario for the Statler’s Best commercial, then my kids started doing it.  I watched my husband build a fence while harumphing the new vinyl fence across the street (The Viny Fence Company).  And I listened to my father tell the story of his mother buying him the best watch she could afford when he left Italy as a young man, and how she tearfully ran after the train as it pulled away (Polacheck’s Jewelers).

Sometimes people laugh, or cry, but they always identify, and next thing you know — they’re Googling  your company and placing orders!

I love writing, have had fun writing thousands of radio commercials, and plan to have fun writing thousands more. Some of my favorites are listed here, along with the testimonials of some very grateful sales reps, clients and producers. Take a listen, and if you like what you hear, contact me. I’d love to work with you.

What Reps and Clients Say About Fran:

It was great!  The client was very happy with the overall product and the digital campaign that went along was very successful.  Thank you again for all your work and help in making that happen! I will keep you in mind for any future work needs we have.

Safia Mirabella – Director, Strategy and Communications – Special Projects – Groundswell Group


I wanted to pass this note along to show you what a great asset Fran is, to both myself, the Salem Team, and my clients! (See below).  She has really helped me this past year — from all the great spots she’s written for my clients — to always getting them to me in a very timely manner.  With that said, she always does it with a smile on her face and says to me, “That’s my job!” Thanks Fran for all your help!!

Diona Fonte – Account Executive – KFSH


“I just wanted to personally let you know how impressed I am with the copy that your team developed for our Sweet Life Workshop.  When it comes to copy, I know I am tough to impress, yet this blew me away. Your writer really understood the value proposition and delivered what I believe is a great commercial. Please pass along my appreciation and high regard to your team.

Kimberly Gerber –


“Select Mortgage has been running only for two weeks.  Because we are sold out for mortgage companies during the day, Select was forced to run exclusively at night 8 p.m. to 12 p.m. But after only two weeks, they have received over 20 inquiries and have five or six loans in process. That’s amazing. That would be a great number if they were running during prime day parts, let alone running in the late night. Please thank Fran for a great spot and turning it around so quickly. The client has called me at least five times in the past week to thank me for the great results from the spot.

Dave Lowman -Account Executive – KFSH


I feel compelled to convey a brief story. The potential client’s name was, Basically it’s a website dedicated to attracting folks to Idaho. The client had expressed sincere interest in running a schedule on our station, but no matter how many different schedules I prepared none got them excited enough to commit.

 I was talking to Fran Tunno and decided to pick her brain a bit about putting together a spec spot — something that might get them to commit. Fran tells me, “I have a friend who moved to Idaho from L.A. and is in love with her new life there.  Maybe we could do a testimonial.” The rest is history.

 Her WhyNotIdaho spot is the reason we have this client. I think this is about as good as it can get for this type of client. This was great work! Teamwork exemplified!

Larry Burg – Account Executive – KTIE

“Just want to let you know that Fran Tunno wrote a great spot for one of my clients, Northpark Homes. In the last two weeks that they have been running, their phones have been ringing off the hook. Before they were getting walk-ins from local areas, now they’re getting calls and walk-ins from all over. They are extremely happy. Great thanks to Fran and her ability to write.”

Jimmy Benitez – Account Executive – KTIE


Thanks for your help on this one Carl, and Fran for doing a great job on the creative.  A good deal of success after only a very short time on air.  Two weeks into it now and six jobs/ orders for bids on contractor jobs.  He said the first two bids paid for the advertising already!

Mike Myers – Account Executive KFSH


“I produced radio commercials for Fran Tunno for three years.  Our collaborations simply rocked.  The scenarios in her imagination were so much fun to bring to life.  I am very proud to be her friend and colleague.”

Shelly Somerset 

Producer – Somerset Productions