Fran Tunno Voice Actress


What Comes After Crazy- Review – Audiofile Magazine

by Sandi Kahn Shelton | Read by Fran Tunno

Raised by a sex crazed phychic mother, who tells fortunes, Maz yearns for normalcy when she marries. When Maz’s husband runs off after an affair and daughter, Hope and Abbey join forces to bring him back, this comedy on the breakup of a marriage takes off. Fran Tunno’s clear, even delivery, in the hushed tones of sharing a secret with a friend, identified each character through nuances , accents and character shading. Her portrayal of 10-year-old Hope is deliciously on target as whiny and bratty. Blatant sexual scenes, sometimes coarse, are filled with innuendo and tension. Tunno provides exceptional narration to quirky characters and a laugh-out-loud story. G.D.W.© Audiofile

Nobody Knows – Review – Audiofile Magazine

by Mary Jane Clark/ Read by Fran Tunno

Fran Tunno shines as a woman horrified by the results of her actions in this taut, absorbing story. Newwoman Cassie Sheridan gets an exclusive when she reveals on-air that the daughter of the FBI’s director has been attacked by a serial rapist. When the girl subsequently commits suicide, Cassie finds herself exiled to Florida.  The plot heats up quickly when, in addition to the impending hurricane, another victim turns up, putting Cassie directly in the path of the killer. An abundance of red herrings keeps the plot moving briskly while narrator Tunno proves adept at voicing the victims, villains, and Cassie’s attempts to separate the two. E.J.F. ©Audiofile

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-Finding a Job After 50 by Jeanette Woodward

-Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho

-What Comes After Crazy by Sandi Kahn Shelton

-Nobody Knows by Mary Jane Clark

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