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Take the Challenge for Bob Deyan Posted by August 18, 2014

The voiceover world is like any other business. Sometimes you get to know people you’ve worked with so well, they become like family. That’s what Bob and Debra Deyan of Deyan Audio/The Deyan Institute are to me and so many people in the audiobook and voiceover community.

They’re wonderful people who deserve only the best. Unfortunately, horrible diseases don’t discriminate and Bob Deyan is now in the final stages of ALS.

Bob loves the spoken word. He is talented, clever, witty and such a goofball, we used to spend way more time laughing when we recorded than we probably should have. Sadly, now he’s silent and struggling to live and breathe.

So far, our prayers and hopes haven’t saved Bob from ALS, and it looks like they probably won’t. So we’re working on beating the disease by raising enough money to kick ALS to the curb so it doesn’t take anyone else’s life.

Bob wants us to raise a billion, so we’re giving it our best shot. Friends of Deyan Audio just did the ice bucket challenge and I did a solo ice bucket challenge. I am posting both challenges here because my voice business, like any other business, is about people I’ve connected with and now call friends.

Bob and Debra are my dear friends and business associates. Please take a look and donate to this worthy cause. Maybe you know them or someone who’s suffered from ALS. If so, do the Ice Bucket Challenge and challenge others to do it and DONATE!
What is the Challenge? The challenge asks participants to dump a bucket of ice water over his or her head and dare others do the same or make a $100 donation to The ALS Association within 24 hours. Let’s really do it! Let’s raise enough so no one else has to suffer from ALS again.

Bob Deyan Ice Bucket Challenge!
Fran Ice Bucket Challenge

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