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Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy in Voiceover Posted by August 11, 2014

I took a voiceover class this weekend. It was a great class; experienced teacher, great students, definitely worth it, but the weak link was me. Not my talent, but my attitude.

I’m not sure why; I’ve not been feeling 100% lately (at least that’s what I’m attributing it to) but that day I walked in with an “I’m not sure if I’m good enough” attitude and it colored everything I did. This is definitely not true. I’m a professional with 27 years experience, but this attitude strikes everyone every now and then. So, I’m here to tell you two things I forgot to remind myself of before my class.

1. You are an individual, so even though the person who just went before you nailed his read on the first take and was amazing, his voice may not be what they’re looking for for that spot. They may be looking for someone who sounds just like you!

So don’t shoot yourself in the foot, by making a face after your read that says, “I didn’t like that, or apologizing for your read, hoarseness or stumble.” It will make the teacher wonder about your abilities. If you’ve already booked a spot, and are reading for it, the producer will wonder if they’ve cast the right person, instead of knowing you’re right for it.

2. Even if you don’t get the gig, it doesn’t mean you’re not being considered for another equally amazing gig you don’t even know about that may coming down the line. Or if you didn’t perform it the way the teacher wanted it the first time, it’s OK. Now the teacher knows you can do variations on a read, which is also good.

Confidence breeds confidence. Go in appearing confident you can do it and others will be confident in your abilities too. Go in with an Eyore attitude and it won’t be a surprise if you don’t get a callback.

I think I’ll tape this post to my mirror before future classes. Maybe you should too.

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