Monthly Archives: August 2014

Take the Challenge for Bob Deyan

The voiceover world is like any other business. Sometimes you get to know people you’ve worked with so well, they become like family. That’s what Bob and Debra Deyan of Deyan Audio/The Deyan Institute are to me and so many people in the audiobook and voiceover community.

They’re wonderful people who deserve only the best. Unfortunately, horrible diseases don’t discriminate and Bob Deyan is now in the final stages of ALS. Continue reading

Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy in Voiceover

I took a voiceover class this weekend. It was a great class; experienced teacher, great students, definitely worth it, but the weak link was me. Not my talent, but my attitude.

I’m not sure why; I’ve not been feeling 100% lately (at least that’s what I’m attributing it to) but that day I walked in with an “I’m not sure if I’m good enough” attitude and it colored everything I did. This is definitely not true. I’m a professional with 27 years experience, but this attitude strikes everyone every now and then. So, I’m here to tell you two things I forgot to remind myself of before my class. Continue reading

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