Fran Tunno – Writer and Voice Actress, welcomes you.

Fran is an accomplished senior copywriter with 17 years of experience in the Los Angeles market. Her forte is writing commercials that convey the client’s core message, yet sound unrehearsed and natural.  Fran’s ease with clients, understanding of marketing, positive energy, and great sense of humor, make her a necessity on any client call or presentation. And Fran has never met a deadline she couldn’t make.

She’s also an award-winning blogger and writer with articles published in the Los Angeles Times, the Glendale News Press, and the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

In addition, Fran is an experienced voice actress, and voice coach. She’s voiced radio and TV commercials, both locally and nationally. Here is what a variety of talent have to say about working with Fran:


“Fran is wonderful to work with! She has a way of incorporating mandatory copy points with things that are happening in my life to make spots sound unique and organic. She’s quick and efficient as well! I love working with her!” – Sisanie – Co-host On Air with Ryan Seacrest

“Keep up your amazing writing! ” – Tim Conway Jr.

“I’ve been doing commercial reads for a long, long time and I can honestly say no one has ever made it easier for me to deliver a perfectly crafted spot than Fran Tunno. With a career in broadcasting, voice-over and copywriting she understands the nuances in approach, creative, and messaging that keep my clients coming back time and time again.” – Mark Wallengren

I love working with Fran Tunno on copy! What a professional! She really gets to know your perspective on a product before she even writes a word. Whenever I get copy written by Fran it just rolls off my tongue so easily. Plus, she is so easy to work with. What a nice person on top of it all! – Karen Sharp – Love Songs on the KOST